Contractual Services:

Our primary specialty is contractual services. We clean and provide a wide array of services to large industries, banks, churches, various offices, as well as construction cleanup, etc.

Shredding Specialists:

We now provide total document destruction with our increasingly popular shredding services.

Other Services:

In addition to our shredding and custodial services, we also provide floor and miscellaneous services.


-Cleaning Management
-Institute Building Trades Association

H & R Contractors, Inc. - Why Should You Choose Us?

H & R is a well established business that has been around since 1980. We continue to serve many clients who have been loyal to our services for the majority of our thirty years of business. There are many additional clients that have been with us for as many as 10 years or more, and we continue to welcome anyone and everyone that would like to join in.

Picture of floor cleaning equipment

We are one of the largest employers in Staunton, which is where our office, owners, and management reside. The owner of the company, Richard Landes, is very hands-on in the daily activities of the business. Our workers are trained to perform to the best of their abilities in order to keep your business looking its absolute greatest.

We have the expertise, personnel, equipment, and supplies to offer big corporate service without the rigidity of a big corporation. Our business is extremely flexible and willing to exceed the necessities concerning time, quality, etc. for our clients. We are able to provide extra services or temporarily service another area as the need arises. Without a doubt, we will temporarily alter our schedule as an accommodation. For your protection, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Certificates of insurance or bond verification will be furnished upon request. With our clients' permission, we will gladly provide a list of references for our services.